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Brand: Felco
Item Number: PK960

Victorinox Budding & Grafting Knife

For Your Grafting or Budding Projects

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Quality tool for budding and grafting from Felco and its subsidiary Victorinox (the manufacturers of the Swiss Army Knife). Multi-use tool; suitable for crown grafting, budding and whip and tongue grafting.

  • 2.25" stainless steel straight blade with bark lifter on the back of the blade, folds into a 4" alloy-lined red nylon handle to carry in your pocket.
  • The non-cutting top of the blade protrudes at an angle so you can grasp it and pull it up easily.
  • Right-handed tool.
  • Weighs only 2 oz.


  • Use for Propagation


Blade Style : Folding Blade
Country of Origin : Switzerland

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Shipping Weight: 0.25 lb

Dimensions: 7.25"L x 3.75"W x 0.5"H


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