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Composting Kit

The kit makes composting easy

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Home composting is the heart of organic gardening. Growing organically relies heavily on soil biology to break down fertilizers to provide plant available nutrients to your garden. Making your own compost is the best way to provide the most economical and diverse source of biology to suit your soils needs.

Our Home Composting Kit provides the tools you need to get your compost pile off to the right start.

The Kitchen Compost Carrier is just the right size for home cooks to carry their vegetable scraps out to the bin or pile. The charcoal filter keeps any unsavory smells from permeating the kitchen in between trips.

The Backyard Compost Thermometer 20" helps you keep track of how fast your pile is breaking down so you know when the compost is ready to use in the garden.

Meanwhile, the EBS Compost Maker 4/4/2 (4 lb) is a great way to add the necessary heat to your pile in order to compost your yard and kitchen waste as quickly as possible.

Make or purchase ready made compost. √ Compost Bins √ Compost Covers √ Compost Inoculants √ Compost Tea Brewing √ Bagged & Bulk Compost



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