Felco Pruner No. 8 - Grow Organic Felco Pruner No. 8 Quality Tools
Felco Pruner No. 8 - Grow Organic Felco Pruner No. 8 Quality Tools
Brand: Felco
Item Number: PF008

Felco Pruner No. 8

Ergonomically Designed Pruners

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Ergonomically redesigned with many refinements over the original No. 2. Grip is convex instead of concave with deeper indentations for the thumb and forefinger. The blades are narrower and pointed to allow close pruning. They are also angled to be an extension of the forearm, giving direct access to the cut.

  • Reliable: Comfortable, light, sturdy handles made of forged aluminum, blade and screw-mounted anvil, blade made of high-quality hardened steel for a clean, precise cut, all parts can be replaced.
  • Efficient: Easy, durable cutting adjustment, wire cutting notch and a sap groove.
  • Ergonomic: Hand and wrist protection and optimization of the force exerted are provided by the ideal shape of the handles, the angled head and the cushion-shock absorber, non-slip coating.
  • For a medium size hand.
  • Cuts up to 1" diameter.

Felco pruners will amaze you. Sharp, durable, sturdy, adjustable tools that are easy to repair and maintain.

The ergonomic models offer cutting heads and ergonomics suited to every user, right and left-handed and/or users with large, medium or small hands. To reduce the cutting effort and prevent tendonitis (RSI), the tools feature inclined cutting heads and some models offer a revolving handle that further reduces physical effort and enhances user comfort.


  • Ergonomic Features
  • Replacement Parts Available


Branch Size-Cutting : Cuts Small-Sized Branches (1")
Country of Origin : Switzerland
Cutting Style : Bypass
Handle Material : Aluminum
Handle Style : Short

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Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

Dimensions: 11.25"L x 3.75"W x 1.5"H


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