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Grow Your Soil

Create the Best Soil for Your Garden

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By Diane Miessler

Creating healthy soil isn't rocket science. It's easier than you think! Step away from the rototiller, stop digging, skip the fertilizers, and let microbes do the heavy lifting. Discover no-sweat soil-building steps like turning weeds into on-the-spot mulch, using cover crops and kitchen waste to feed and protect your soil food web, and brewing super-easy, super-charged compost tea to fend off soil pathogens. Then sit back, relax, and watch your garden thrive.

  • Contents includes chapters on cover crops, the soil food web, no-till growing, soil testing, composting and making compost tea, much, much more.

Softcover. 165 pages. Storey Publishing 2020.



    Book Format : Softback

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