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Smart Pot Compost Sak
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Brand: SmartPot
Item Number: GP2552

Smart Pot Compost Sak

Simple Composting Set-up

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The Compost Sak™ is made from a porous, breathable geo-textile fabric. The fabric allows for complete aeration and speeds up microbial activity (the key to composting). Unfold the Compost Sak™ and start using it. For best composting results, pick out a spot in the backyard that gets some sunlight and a little rain.

  • Dimensions: 30” W x 38” H
  • Capacity: 100 gal. (12 cu.ft volume)

The Compost Sak™ is big! If filled to the top, it could accomodate over 15 cubic feet of compost. Pure compost is very heavy, so you will not want to fill it all the way - for that reason we say the volume is up to 12 cubic feet.

Made in the U.S.A.



    Color : Black

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    Shipping Weight: 2.89 lb

    Dimensions: 26.5"L x 24.5"W x 1.0"H


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