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Bare Root Fruit Trees

For the best success, be sure to choose a tree that will grow in your USDA zone and has an appropriate number of chill hours for your climate. If a pollinator is needed for the tree, make sure it is planted within 50 feet of your tree and will bloom at the same time. Finally, choose your desired harvest intervals (all at once for canning, or spread out for fresh eating)!

Why buy our bare root trees?

  • Almost all of our bare root trees are 2-years-old, meaning you'll get fruit sooner!
  • Most of our trees are 1/2"-5/8" in diameter!
  • We guarantee our bare root trees will leaf out by May 15th!
  • Most of our bare root trees are semi-dwarf for an easy harvest!
  • We have over 150 varieties of bare root fruit trees to choose from!
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