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Provide a starter home for your plants with our variety of biodegradable planting containers!

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Collection: Reduce Transplant Shock with Biodegradable Pots

Biodegradable pots are a sustainable segment of container planting and are eco friendly. Seed germination is easy in our expanding Jiffy Peat or Coconut Fiber Pellets or use the Peat pots and Coconut Fiber starter pots for plants that do not like their roots disturbed.

Transplanting seedlings is easy and fast–just put the entire pot in the ground. Put the pots in a seedling tray to help with transport. You can also use the 100% renewable pots made out of composted cow manure. You can use either a soilless seed starting mix or a standard potting mix in the pots. All of the pots (not the pellets) have drainage holes in the bottom.

We offer a wide range of biodegradable pots for plants and trees, as well as biodegradable pots for flowers. Ditch the plastic pots and use a biodegradable pot.