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Liqui-Cop Concentrate (Pint) - Grow Organic Liqui-Cop Concentrate (Pint) Weed and Pest
Brand: Monterey
Item Number: PFM320

Liqui-Cop Concentrate (Pint)

Copper Fungicidal Garden Spray

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Liquid copper fungicide spray for disease prevention on fruit trees, nut crops, citrus, vegetables, and ornamentals. Very economical replacement for Bordeaux mixture and for lime sulfur with an expanded label.

  • Active ingredient is Copper diammonia diacetate complex 27.15%, Metallic Copper Equivalent is 8.0%
  • For control of a wide range of diseases, including anthracnose, blights, shot hole, brown rot, leaf spot, downy and powdery mildew, and peach leaf curl.
  • Liquicop is extremely weatherproof and does not require oil or a sticker.

Can be used as a dormant spray on fruit trees and can be used with horticultural oils such as Monterey Horticultural oil.



    Active Ingredient : Copper
    Application Frequency : Multiple Application
    Application Season : Fall
    Application Season : Spring
    Application Season : Summer
    Application Season : Winter
    Chemical Form : Concentrate
    Chemical Form : Liquid
    Fungus & Disease Control : Anthracnose
    Fungus & Disease Control : Bacterial Spot
    Fungus & Disease Control : Botrytis
    Fungus & Disease Control : Brown Rot
    Fungus & Disease Control : Downy Mildew
    Fungus & Disease Control : Fireblight
    Fungus & Disease Control : Late Blight
    Fungus & Disease Control : Peach Leaf Curl
    Fungus & Disease Control : Powdery Mildew
    Fungus & Disease Control : Rust
    Fungus & Disease Control : Scab
    Fungus & Disease Control : Shothole
    Pest Control Class : Fungicide

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