How to Use Amendments - Perlite Soil

Perlite What Is Perlite Made Of

Perlite: Enhancing Your Growing Medium

Perlite, a versatile growing medium, holds a unique place in horticulture due to its exceptional properties and widespread applications. Derived from amorphous volcanic glass, perlite undergoes heating to form tiny air pockets within its structure, providing several benefits to various planting mediums and gardening endeavors.

Understanding Perlite's Characteristics
  • Amorphous Volcanic Glass: Perlite originates from volcanic rock, subjected to high heat to form its characteristic structure.
  • Tiny Air Pockets: The heating process expands the perlite, creating numerous tiny air pockets that enhance its beneficial properties.
  • Lightweight Nature: Perlite's low density allows it to retain its shape while being lightweight, even when saturated with water.
Utilizing Perlite in Gardening
  • Improving Aeration: Incorporating perlite into soil or potting mixes enhances aeration, facilitating root growth and nutrient uptake.
  • Enhancing Drainage: Its porous nature aids in proper water drainage, preventing waterlogging and root rot in plants.
  • Reducing Compaction: Perlite prevents soil compaction, ensuring better soil structure and root development.
  • Reducing Weight in Water: Perlite's ability to retain some moisture while remaining lightweight benefits plants, especially in raised beds.
Perlite in Raised Beds and Container Gardening
  • Optimal Drainage in Raised Beds: Adding perlite to raised beds aids in better drainage, preventing water accumulation at the plant's roots.
  • Container Gardening Benefits: Mixing perlite into potting soil creates an ideal medium for potted plants, promoting healthy growth.
How Perlite Soil Improves Plant Growth
  • Root Development: Improves aeration and drainage to foster healthy root systems, promoting overall plant vigor.
  • Moisture Retention: While it enhances drainage, perlite retains some moisture, assisting in maintaining adequate hydration for plants.
  • Nutrient Uptake: Enhanced aeration facilitates nutrient absorption, aiding in robust plant growth.
Finding Perlite and Application
  • Garden Centers: Perlite is readily available at garden supply stores or nurseries in different particle sizes for various gardening needs.
  • Application Process: Simply blend perlite into your soil or potting mix at a ratio suitable for your plants, ensuring even distribution.

Perlite vs. Vermiculite, Pumice vs. Perlite

There are many other soil amendments that and potting mixes have similar benefits to perlite, such as vermiculite, pumice, biochar, peat moss and rice hulls. Each have their own pros and cons, and ideal conditions for use. Perlite is the best choice where you want moderate water retention, excellent drainage and aeration, with long-term effects.

Perlite is a versatile, naturally occurring mineral that significantly contributes to soil improvement and plant growth. Whether you're nurturing a garden bed, tending to potted plants, or starting seeds, incorporating perlite ensures optimal drainage, aeration, and root development. Embrace perlite as a valuable soil amendment and cultivate a thriving garden, growing organic for life!

This information is one part of a series focused on how to amend soil.  Please see our resource center where we offer additional instructional videos and articles, as well as our bookstore.

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How to use soil amendments-Perlite the above article is beyond informative. I just took a free class from the comfort of my home.



I had an issue in the garden. I was using a living soil mix just add water were the directions. Except I’m not used to that kind of water retention. I ended up overwatering to the point that they werent dying but only growing an inch per 2 weeks. Next time I’m going to mix it with more perlite. That way it’s more even drainage.


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