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Collection: Egyptian Walking Onion

Egyptian Walking Onion, also called Tree Onions, Perennial Onions, Winter Onions or Topset Onions, Allium cepa var. proliferum. A very hardy (to -24 F) perennial clumping white onion that will spread in the garden or walk as the topsets or bulbils develop. The stalk will bend over to the ground with the weight of the topsets and if the soil conditions are right, will develop into new plants. Use the green leaves as scallions or harvest the onions (size of shallots) or topsets (bulbils). One onion can develop up to 6 onions the first year and if left to grow the following season, will yield more. Certified organic bulbs. USDA zones 3-9. 6 oz contains about 24 onion bulbs. Small onion bulbs are great for roasting, pickling or eating fresh in a salad or sandwich.

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