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Grow your own nutritious mushrooms!

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Collection: Mushroom Kits and Mushroom Plugs

Want to grow mushrooms at home? It is simple with our mushroom grow kits delivered to your home. We encourage you to give it a try, you'll be surprised at how great the mushrooms you already love will taste when they are fresh mushrooms!

Some mushrooms are not available in your local grocery store. Enjoy growing Lion's Mane mushrooms, Wine Cap mushrooms, Blue Oyster mushrooms, White Oyster mushrooms and more. The kits are like a big box of mushroom seeds. Want to grow mushrooms on logs? Try inoculating them with mushroom spawn plugs. This is more challenging than growing from kits, but fun and worth it when you cook them up for a meal, mmm so good. Don't know where to start, watch our video on how to inoculate logs with mushroom plugs.

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