Collection: June Bearing Strawberries

Enjoy the sweet, juicy taste of homegrown strawberries!

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Plants generally grow 6”–8” tall and 12” across, are shallow–rooted, and benefit from mulch such as straw, pine needles, or plastic. Strawberries prefer a soil rich in all the basic nutrients with a pH of 6–6.5. Susceptible to root rot and must be planted in well–drained soil, with crown set at soil level. Yield under the best of conditions is about one basket per plant per season. June bearers generally produce a single large crop in spring to early summer (as early as March in warmer regions) and are prolific producers for 3 to 4 weeks. Pick the blossoms off June bearers the first year to boost production the second year. Everbearers are not as prolific as June bearers but are especially suitable for growers who wish to harvest a constant supply of berries throughout the summer. Plant some of both to have a large harvest to preserve, and plenty to eat all summer!

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