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Collection: Fertilizers for Blooms & Fruiting

Boost the blooms & fruiting of your plants with organic high phosphorus fertilizer!
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What Does Phosphorus Do For Plants?

Phosphorus is the key element plants need for flowering, fruiting and rooting. You see this compound primarily in the form of bones (bone meal) or ancient bone piles (rock phosphate). It is normally found in nature combined with calcium in the form of calcium phosphate. In this form, the phosphorus tends to remain “locked up” with calcium (not available to plants) so it must be “unlocked” in the soil through natural microbial and chemical processes. It is crucial to have phosphorus in adequate quantity and a healthy, balanced, bio-active soil to make it available to the plants.

Using the right organic phosphorus rich fertilizer can make all the difference in achieving an outstanding growing season. But before you select a phosphorus rich fertilizer, you should conduct a thorough soil analysis. This will pinpoint your specific needs and reveal the ideal solution for your plants. 

Adding Phosphorus

Order a soil test to find out what your phosphorus level is and what your phosphorus needs are. We have a number of products to suit your needs including soft rock phosphate, bone meal (liquid, powdered or pelleted), or fertilizer mixes targeted for blooms or fruiting like our high phosphorus fertilizer, PV Organics Bud and Bloom

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