Nu-Film P (Gallon) - Grow Organic Nu-Film P (1 Gallon) (OID COMM) Weed and Pest
Brand: Miller
Item Number: PSA710

Nu-Film P (1 Gallon) (OID COMM)

Spreader Stickers to Extend Pesticides or Foliar Fertilizers

Listed for Use in Organic Agriculture by the Organic Materials Review Institute Approved for Organic Agriculture by the Washington State Department of Agriculture

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Pesticide ID # is required for all CA commercial growers AND all Nevada County, CA residents

Non-ionic superior sticking/extending agent is designed to lengthen the life of foliar-applied insecticides and fungicides. Forms a sticky, elastic film which encapsulates and tenaciously holds the pesticide on the crop foliage in spite of rainfall, irrigation or wind. Also shields the residue from heat and ultra-violet light degradation.

  • University research shows significant (up to 100%) increase in the duration of biological insecticides such as Bt's.
  • Use at 4 oz-1 pint/acre.
  • When insecticide and fungicide spray applications are made within 30 days of harvest, switch from Nu-Film-17 to Nu-Film-P. Nu-Film-P is a superior sticking agent but does not have the long term extender properties of Nu-Film-17.
  • Derived from pine.



    Organic Status :
    Approved for Use in Certified Organic Agriculture
    Chemical Form : Concentrate
    Chemical Form : Liquid
    Organic Certifier: OMRI, WSDA


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    Dimensions: 12.0"L x 6.25"W x 6.25"H


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