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Explore the world of berries and vines with our selection of edible landscape plants. From the robust blueberry to the delicate strawberry, the versatile currant to the hearty cane berries, these crops offer a sustainable solution to enjoying fresh fruits at home. Hardy and adaptable, these berries thrive in various zones and bask in the sunlight, making them suitable for diverse environments.

Venture into the realm of grape vines and kiwis, enhancing your garden with both aesthetic appeal and nutritional value. Kiwi vines, known for their vigor, yield delicious fruits rich in Vitamin C. Whether trellised or espaliered along fences and walls, these vines not only contribute to ornamental landscaping but also provide a bountiful harvest.

Grapes, a classic choice for edible landscaping, offer both beauty and taste. Beyond the pleasure of enjoying fresh grapes, their versatility extends to the creation of diverse products such as jams, juices, jellies, vinegars, wines, raisins, grape seed extracts, and oils. Delve into the specifics of each plant's appearance, optimal growing conditions, and origins, ensuring a well-informed approach to cultivating these delightful additions to your garden. Discover the art of harvesting and relish the satisfaction of homegrown fruits with our curated selection of berries and vines.